AGRIMONIA, Sweden Metal slays Portland!

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Agrimonia is a Crust Punk/Sludge Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.  They formed in 2005, featuring members from notable Swedish bands such as Martydöd, Skitsystem, and At The Gates.  Their songs are a combination of haunting guitar riffs and growling vocals from their vocalist, Christina.
This show was the first of their tour they were actually able to play.  The first show was supposed to be in L.A. On 11/12/13, but while they were waiting to go on, one of their band members had some health issues and needed to be rushed to the hospital.  But these guys are true warriors.  Three days later they were at the Branx, tearing the place up!
They signed to Souther Lord Records in 2012 and released a new album in April, 2013.  You can listen to music from all three of their albums and see upcoming tour dates here –
Check out the full photo album at


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