• 18 November 2013 at 20 : 27 PM

    CHRIS WYSE interview (THE CULT/ OWL)

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    Hi Chris, I just want to start out by saying thank you for being a part of SLAYED IN OREGON. We really appreciate your time and music!   Interview by Tim Burgess Writer, filmer, photographer    SLAYED IN OREGON   1.  SLAYED IN OREGON: How different is the songwriting aspect in OWL vs. THE CULT […]

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  • 27 October 2013 at 22 : 54 PM

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    “Hanging from the cobwebs in your mind It looks like a long long way to fall”  –  DIO  

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  • 10 July 2013 at 05 : 31 AM


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    Headless Pez is a thrash Metal band from Portland, Oregon.  Their comical stage presence ignites like a fart in the wind during sound check. Right when you think they are about to start… “Wait, we need more fog!”  With a combination of intrusive pubic hair protruding from ass less chaps, a skull cod piece,  drunken […]

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