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Sludge legends from New Orleans, EYEHATEGOD, graced us with their grimy presence on October 30th at the Bossanova Ballroom. I eagerly awaited for this day to not only see one of my favorite bands, but also Powertrip, Wehrmacht and Iron Reagan. Needless to say that I was stoked.

I walked into the venue to find a very young looking band setting up on stage. I thought about how awesome it must feel for them to be on the bill with these incredible bands. The band was called Chronological Injustice and they had a sound like a love note to early Metallica and a fantastic stage presence.

Wehrmacht played by far the best set I’ve ever seen them play using all the force of their locally grown PDX thrash.

I have been hearing all about Iron Reagan from almost everyone I know for maybe a year now but for one reason or another I never bothered to check them out. I’m very ashamed in myself for this decision because, fuck, they were unbelievable. I honestly might like them more than Municipal Waste…

Following them was Texan band Power Trip who completely blew my mind. Playing their genius mix of HxC and thrash, they lit the stage with an explosive power I rarely see in a band.Their sound is like a modern take on the equation of Crossover and using the pounding drum beats of modern Hardcore with fucking rad thrashing riffs layered over it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard.

EYEHATEGOD’s set was performed with a very full sound that only an intense amount of fuzz and bass can bring. The entire band bantered with each other and wielded goofy grins just as they had in the videos of them I’ve seen from the 90s. Their composure as a band was a lot tighter than I’ve heard on their recordings, which shows that rather than being stagnant as the band aged they’ve grown as musicians. To sum up, their set was super rad, especially for the fact that they played my favorite song, “Sister Fucker Part 1.”

This show was loud, boisterous and ended in a friend of mine needing stitches above his eye. To summarize, I expected so much and experienced so much more.



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