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“The arrival of this winter brought Falls of Rauros’ latest album, Believe in No Coming Shore, with it. This being their third full-length, following The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood. I have loved everything the group has put out so far, which not only gave me high hopes of this release, but also high expectations. I was not surprised when those expectations were met.




The album opens with a very lamentful, vocal-less intro, setting the mood for this very sombre piece of music. The intro (Blue Misshapen Dusk) ends and Ancestors of Shadow begins in a completely different key, thus making you have to adjust to the change. I really enjoy that little bit, it paints a picture of something suddenly emerging from nothing. Another thing about track 2 that I loved was the tone and volume of the bass track. The tone used to create such a heavy sound is not overdriven and droning, but very crisp and clean. The song ends abruptly and leads into Ancestors of Smoke.

Believe in No Coming Shore is a very composed album; it isn’t like a list of songs, instead it’s like acts following each other. Each song is different, but the band revisits a lot little melodies throughout. This gives the feeling of the whole of the musical piece being like accompanying someone on a long journey.



The greatest piece is the album’s climax, Waxen Voices; it starts with a drawn out and lengthy introduction. The intro subtly calls back to early prog rock in it’s sound; very melodic and mysterious with it’s echoing, clean guitar licks and thundering bass drums. Suddenly interrupted by a drum fill, the song falls into one of the best, yet one of the simplest, riffs I’ve ever heard.

The composure of all the differing riffs, leads and temp changes is remarkable. This is much more than just a metal album, it’s a complete musical statement. It’s like an epic, mythological tale, and like all stories, it ends similarly to how it started; in a quiet embrace of warm guitar.”  — Aydan Foster





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