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My name is April Jones, creator, producer, editor, artist and visionary of SLAYED IN OREGON.

SLAYED IN OREGON is a public access TV series focused on capturing true heavy metal music and the rare artistic culture of “Metalheads” in the great Pacific Northwest.

I am reaching out to you today in my search for sponsors and monetary donations. SLAYED IN OREGON needs help with equipment, crew, studio rental, pre/post production, promotion, sticker, t-shirts and more. With these resources comes great production quality.

From national touring musicians to emerging underground bands we strive to support and promote through media interviews, live shows, music videos, reviews, rockumentaries and short comedic heavy metal skits all composed with animated stylistic editing.

In the past, with the help of volunteers and local media libraries, I have been able to capture my vision with affordable equipment rentals. Now, I am ready to produce, direct, and expand on my creativity.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


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Slayed in Oregon is a public access TV show based out of Portland, Oregon.  This show is made up of interviews, rockumentaries, live shows, animations, mosh pits & more! Filmed in the dark corners of underground dive bars,  venues and practice spaces, Slayed in Oregon strives to promote and support the local/ non local Heavy Metal community.

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