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LADIES OF HEAVY METAL CALENDAR features Portland metal heads, Uda Plotnick of Witch Mountain, April Jones of Slayed in Oregon heavy Metal TV, Gita Castallian of Castallian Photography and more..        \M/


Do you like Metal? Do you like Ladies? Then get Heavy Metalorganized with the Ladies of Heavy Metal 2014 Calendar and Resource Guide!

This calendar will feature the women who live, work, and thrive in the Heavy Metal Community of the Pacific Northwest. Each month will be headlined by one Heavy Metal lady, featuring a photograph of her unique headbanging style, a short biography, and links to all the awesome stuff she does. It will also serve as a resource guide for finding different blogs, journals, books, products, and services that are both heavy metal awesome and done by women. The goal of this calendar is to spot-lite the amazing women of metal and all that they do.


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Slayed in Oregon is a public access TV show based out of Portland, Oregon.  This show is made up of interviews, rockumentaries, live shows, animations, mosh pits & more! Filmed in the dark corners of underground dive bars,  venues and practice spaces, Slayed in Oregon strives to promote and support the local/ non local Heavy Metal community.

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