Mothers Whiskey (Portland, Oregon)

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Mothers Whiskey (Portland, Oregon)

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MOTHERS WHISKEY (Portland, Oregon)  Lyrics are artistic like poetry with a dreary tone. Each song tells a twisted story, a dark sense of fantasy creeping up behind you.  One thing I think most bands are lacking is a story in their songs. Lyrics play a key role in doom metal.  Creative musical composition seems to come from within with chugs and great leads and breakdowns. A rythmic bluesy chuggy, thick and heavy.  Some doom metal songs are too drifty, MW has nice breakdowns that you don’t expect. Fist pumping and soft head banging with some tie dyed lightning bolts attacking my brain. Guitar style is a 70’s stylistic psychedelic type of  heavy grunge (the NW sound) playing Mothers Whiskey really makes me wanna go smoke a bowl.  :)-~  Definitely a must see… stoned!! \m/



Mothers Whiskey includes Shane Barbeau, Greg Powers, Brandon Peterson, Jordan Groleau.



Mothers Whiskey opened up for PENTAGRAM in 2013 at The Hawthorne Theater. An amazing come back from Bobby Leibling and Pentagram!


I also say Mothers Whiskey at the White Owl Social Club (Plan B) for the Heavy Metal Winter Olympics in 2013.










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  1. Rock on Jordan and Brandon. Glad you are still rockin’, thought of you guys when I popped in my Couch CD!!!

    The Good Doctor

    Brian Nauert, 2 years ago Reply

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