PENTAGRAM slays Portland, Oregon!

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Pentagram Portland-8791

PENTAGRAM blew The Hawthorne Theater away with classics like “Forever My Queen” and “Be Forewarned” from the vintage collection “First Daze Here” album.

The show was loud and numbers were many. Bobby Leiblings vocals project a powerful surge of energy throughout the entire venue. More powerful then ever before. The sold out crowd goes wild as Liebling’s spirited stage presence ignites as he dances around the stage, moving and swaying with bursts of air guitar solos.

An amazing performance by Guitarist, Victor Griffin who is back with Pentagram!! Greg Turley on bass and Sean Saley on drums rocked the house too.

February 23, 2014 Pentagram shook the Earth and the venue filled with the rebirth of a legend!

What a Monumental night! Long live Pentagram!


Written by April Jones of Slayed in Oregon

Photos by Alyssa Herrman of Foto Phortress


Pentagram Portland-8633

Pentagram Portland-8607


Pentagram Portland-8750


Pentagram Portland-8815



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